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Products Description Advantage Statistical Data
Non-oxidizing Aluminum Melting System
Non-oxidizing Aluminum Melting applying Tounetsu Immersed Heating Technology. High metal quality with 30 〜 50% running cost reduction.
Reduce 1% metal loss by improving working environment.

1.Improve metal quality: Reduce Gas Consumption, Restrain Generating Oxide
2.Decreasing metal loss:Improving metal yield
3.Improving work environment:Simplify cleaning procedure, No transporting labor of aluminum
Patent Already Applied and Under Approval.
・Specifications ・ Usage
Melting Capacity : 100 〜 500kg/h
Holding Temperature : 680 〜 730℃
For Die Casting : Melting Ingots and Holding Molten Aluminum
Products Description Advantage Statistical Data
   ・Holding of Molten Aluminum
(Both High & Low Pressure Furnace)
・Melting and Holding Furnace
 1.Center exhaust system
Center exhaust without outside air supply system prevents the overheating of the burner insertion
part (inside furnace wall) and avoids leakage of the molten metal.
2.Original Heat Exchange Structure
Heating with

high energy efficiency can be realized, that is because heat exchange rate between
supplied air and exhaust gas is extremely.
3.Higher Power than the electric type
Furnace can be heated with less number of burners. Since the output per a heater is higher than
electric type. Low energy cost and space saving is possible.
BurnerSize : 1250mm×φ155mm
Output : 48kW
Gas : LPG ・LNG
Holding Capacity : 500kg or more


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