We produce industrial furnaces to lead a better future.



Create future by thermal technology

Tounetsu is a manufacturer doing research and development of aluminum casting furnace, heat treat furnace and vacuum furnace etc.
Since our founding in 1981, we keep pumping fresh blood into the manufacturing industry.
On the threshold of the 21st century, in changing and internationalizing social environment, we took advantage of our technology to introduce new businesses aiming further contribution to society.
From kinds of businesses related to "Thermal Technology", create new possibilities of the future―
We are aiming to be a leading global company of thermal technology continuously.


■Aluminum Casting Furnace Business  ■Industrial Furnace Business  ■Vacuum Furnace Business   ■Agriculture Business


Aluminum Casting Furnace Business Aluminum casting furnace is very important for the development of manufacturing industry, especially automotive industry.
Our company proposes total systems of facilities by designing and manufacturing casting facilities such as melting furnace, holding furnace, melting and holding furnace and supplier of molten metal, which are for the process from melting to supplying molten metal.
Our products are rated high, for example, “Al-Under”, 2 chambers holding furnace that improves quality of product and productivity of low pressure die casting, “NewLP” an advanced type of 2 chambers holding furnace, etc.
We continue to develop new technology and products and contribute to the development of manufacturing industry.
Industrial Furnace Business Industrial furnace section designs and manufactures various atmosphere furnaces and industrial furnaces.
Industrial furnaces which heat-treat metal products are the facilities that form the basis of metal and mechanical industry. So there are various customers and various heat-treatment they need.
Most of our products are custom-made in order to meet their each demand.
Please feel free to get in contact with us, having your inquiries regarding heat-treatment technology.
Vacuum Furnace Business Vacuum furnaces which enable heat-treatment and surface treatment in vacuum atmosphere are greatly related to aircraft industry and medical instrument industry which need more accurate metal heat-treatment.
Our vacuum furnace products such as “CAVAC” which enables more energy-saving continuous treatment (removing wax, exhausting gas and sintering) for various metals, cemented carbide, fine ceramics, etc. are well received by customers from each industry.
We continue to suggest more energy-saving products to contribute to the global environment and the development of industry.
Agriculture Business “Eating” is an essential element for our everyday lives.
For contemporary agriculture, a technology to control the temperature and create a suitable environment for crops is very important.
We addresse this challenge by our “Thermal Technology” which we have cultivated since our establishment.


Sales & Technologies Department The department which contacts with customers for our products, for example aluminum casting furnaces, industrial heat treat furnace, vacuum furnaces, etc. and meeting specifications, estimating, developing and designing products and managing the production process.
Manufacturing Department Manufacturing and maintaining our products
Procurement Department Buying and selling of products with overseas subsidiary companies, purchasing higher quality materials, negotiating the price and managing delivery date
General Affairs & Finance Department Managing general affairs and finance of domestic offices
Intellectual Property Department Making agreements for technical cooperation both domestically and internationally and investigating and acquiring intellectual property rights
Overseas Operations Department Providing sales and technical support to overseas subsidiary companies
Public Relations Department Doing publicity activities by internal newsletter, exhibitions and maintaining WEB sites
Agriculture Department Growing crops and developing how to produce crops, food processing and agricultural facilities